On this page you will find reference material regarding Centreville and its history. These will include official government documents such as the Centreville Historic District Master Plan and the Mount Gilead Cultural Landscape Report. If you know of other source material not presented here please let us know about it here.


Historic Centreville Park - Master Plan. Approved 12-10-2008
The master plan document consists of three parts—the Background and Existing Conditions, the General Management Plan, and the Conceptual Development Plan. After presenting the background information serving as the basis for decision making, the General Management Plan and Conceptual Development Plan describe how to best protect park resources, provide quality visitor experiences, manage visitation and visitor use, and serve as a blueprint for future park development.


Sully Historic Site, Master Plan Revision. Approved 7/27/05
Since the master plan for Sully Historic Site was approved in 1978, the surrounding context has significantly changed (Figure 1—1978 Master Plan). Once open and relatively undeveloped, the area in the vicinity of the park site has experienced increased industrial, commercial, and residential development over the past 25 years. The purpose of themaster plan revision is to update the existing plan and create a long-range vision for the site. When approved, this document will serve as a guide for all future planning on thesite and should be referred to before any planning and design projects are initiated.
Confederate Fortifications Historic Site, General Management Plan. January 2005
Ellanor C. Lawrence Park (ECLP) is a 650 acre site between Chantilly and Centreville in western Fairfax County and trisected by Walney Road and Route 28 in the Sully Supervisory District. The park is currently managed by the Resource Management Division of the Fairfax County Park Authority. In addition to its own master plan, the park is master planned as a site within the Sully Regional Master Plan. The park contains the following facilities: Walney house and grounds circa 1780’s,1800’s era out-buildings, Walney pond, picnic pavilion, Cabell’s Mill circa 1785, Middlegate house complex including caretaker’s rental apartment, a modern single family residence, multiple home site ruins, trails, and a ball field complex with a playground.
Ellanor C. Lawrence Interpretive Plan. FY 2014-2018
Confederate Fortifications Historic Site is an archaeological/historic site designated as a Cultural Resource Park. The site is located in the Springfield Supervisory District. The park parcels are located
adjacent to Balmoral Greens Avenue south of the junction of with Compton Road.