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A Minnesota Yankee's Musings on the Civil War and the 'Gray Ghost'

by Jim Daniels

"I am a transplanted Yankee. I grew up in Minnesota, the home of hot dish, Hubert Humphrey and the perennially choking Minnesota Vikings. I've lived in Virginia for 20 years longer than I ever lived in Minnesota, yet still unconsciously refer to it as home whenever I mention it in conversation. Two minutes after landing at the airport there on my annual trip to visit family, my Minnesota accent instantly the movie "Fargo" and you will know what I mean.I still cheer for the Twins and Vikings...." (more at the link above or image to the left)

A Civil War Soldier's Story: Samuel Milton Bond of the "Iron Brigade"

by Jim Daniels

Knowing I had ancestors who had fought in the Civil War - on both sides - I decided to see if any had fought near Centreville, or had been encamped here.

So, after a doing a bit of research online and at the National Archives, I found what I was looking for; at least three had fought at both the First and Second Battles of Bull Run, two Confederate, and one Union. This latter fella who fought for the Union turned out to be a pretty interesting, and heroic guy. He was a soldier in the 2nd Wisconsin Infantry, one of the most storied regiments of the Civil War. The 2nd Wisconsin was later part of the famed "Iron Brigade," one of the toughest and most reliable brigades in the Union army. Strangely, despite knowing his nephew (my Great Grandfather) when I was young, I had never heard of him before doing this research. Somehow his story didn't make it into our family lore; an oversight I want to rectify.

So, with that, here is a (relatively) brief history of the Civil War experiences of one Samuel M. Bond of Milton, Wisconsin - Company H, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry of the "Iron Brigade." (more at the link above or image to the left)

"Light-Horse" Harry and Robert E. Lee. Like Father Like Son? Maybe Not!"

by Jim Daniels

"This essay is not intended to be an exhaustive biography of Robert E. Lee and his father "Light-Horse" Harry Lee. Rather it is intended to look at those factors that influenced Harry Lee's political views, particularly as it relates to union and disunion, and how those views would have influenced his opinion of the actions of his son had he been alive to witness them. While I do provide a short biography of Harry Lee, I make the assumption most are familiar enough with the career of Robert E. Lee that it does not require recounting here." (more at the link above or image to the left)

Batter Up! Baseball, Civil War Style

by Jim Daniels

"A.B...'After Babe'...the era of baseball history almost everyone knows about. That day in 1914 when George Herman "Babe" Ruth laced up his spikes and took to the field at Fenway Park for the first time is, for most people I suspect, when baseball became America's pastime.
And I totally get why people think that...I mean let's face it...Babe Ruth is the George Washington of Baseball...(more at the link above or image to the left)

Richard Bland Lee of Sully gets the "Adams Treatment"

by Jim Daniels

Richard Bland Lee is the builder of Sully Plantation (now Sully Historic Site) in Fairfax County, VA, a historic park operated by the Fairfax County Park Authority.

He was the younger brother of the famed Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee III, Revolutionary War hero, Virginia Governor and Congressman, and father of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. He is also the brother of Charles Lee who was Attorney General of the United States under both George Washington and John Adams

Richard himself was the first Congressman elected from northern Virginia. He served three terms and is remembered for his efforts to get the Capital of the United States moved into Virginia. He was one of those Congressmen persuaded to vote for federal assumption of state debts in exchange for relocation of the capital, an event known as the "Compromise of 1790."

Centreville’s History is Also Written in the Stars

by Jim Daniels

Welcome to Centreville! Located in Virginia, United States, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe? Just ask Ormond Stone!